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Antique clock repair Boston

Is your clock "running?"

No?..Well, let's solve that               problem

    Expert clock repair and restoration.

            Servicing Mass, NH and RI

                     Tel 617-504-3687





 Why a clock motor goes         bad and stops running

  Many years of allowing your clock to run with all the microdust, flying around in the air inside your house, has finally ground your clock bushings to a complete stop.

  Your old fashioned clock oil has gathered up enough dirt and dust to turn the clock oil to a "tar substance." The clock oil does not act like a lubricant anymore. In fact it has so much dust in it that it is grinding away like sandpaper, at all the bushings in your clock motor. That will, in time, wear out many more bushings in the same drive train.


                    Shown below are a few perfect examples of bad bushings 



If the bushings are bad,  the motor   will have   to be disassembled   and  the  bad bushings   will be replaced

                                                                                           with these things here


"clock doc"

 Grandfather clock repair expert.      


Antique Clock Repair Boston




      Expert clock repair ,  Hull Ma.  

                Tel. 617-504-3687

Antique Clock Repair Boston


           Do you have a windup clock          in need of repair? 


  Any clock can be rebuilt to run like new, and you get to keep the "original" parts and motor, which make it more valuable.


 You can bring your clock to my shop in Hull, or I can come to your home to pick it up. 


 All Grandfather clocks will require a house call as all I need to bring back is the motor, pendulum, hands, and weights.


 I charge a reasonable service call fee for pickup and delivery of all clocks, as I have to consider the distance to your home and the time away from my shop. 

 Do you live on the North Shore, South shore, Cape Cod, Western Mass, Southern NH, RI.?              No problem, I can do that.






































            Clock repair process




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